'Get a smooth ride from idea to implementation'


“Every really new idea looks crazy at first”


When turning ideas to implementations, we strive to do two things: keep it simple and keep it small. This helps us keep our focus intact for each project. This helps us build seemingly complex system with little effort. For example, compared to other existing massive SIP stacks in the market, our SIP software is built with only 3-4 thousand lines of code, which helps us easily maintain and enhance SIP tool without a huge investment in time and money. Compared to other existing monolithic web conferencing applications, our product builds on simple re-usable components, which allows using the same Flash VideoIO application for Facebook, Google App Engine as well as stand alone service only with a few hundred lines of code.


  1. Flash-based audio and video communication in the cloud, White Paper, [PDF][Slides]
    This is a technical report descring the motivation and implementation of our Flash VideoIO component and its examples as well as our SIP-RTMP gateway. A related paper that describes and compares various web communication options is also available [PDF].

  2. Implementing SIP telephony in Python, Online Book, [PDF][HTML]
    This is a step-by-step implementer's guide to implementing Internet Telephony using Session Initiatin Protocol and related protocols. This also serves as an implementation report of parts of the 39 peers project. A related presentation on SIP is also available [Slides].