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Professional Software Consulting

We are no longer accepting consulting projects since March 2012.

We accept three types of software consulting work: research/prototype of web and/or communication systems, deployment/support of our open source software pieces, and adding web communications to an existing large scale system. Our project selection criteria depends on:

Our technical staff has competence in the following languages, platforms and tools: C/C++, Python, Java, Actionscript, Javascript, Tcl, Perl, JSP, CSS, Unix, Windows, J2EE, Django, Struts, Google App Engine, Android, MySQL, Tomcat, gcc/make, VC++, CGI, servlet, JDBC, hibernate, restlet, Eclipse, Flex Builder, LAMP/WAMP, git, cvs, svn, FMS, Red5, SER, OpenSIPS, pjsip.

Our software consulting rate varies depending on the project and which staff member undertakes your project. Please contact us by email at theintencity@gmail.com with your project description to get a quote.

Alternative Commercial License

While most of our software pieces are available as open source license, typically GPL or LGPL, we also sell low cost alternative commercial license if the viral nature of GPL is not suitable for your deployment. In particular, the alternative commercial license allows you to combine pieces of our software with your other proprietary elements.

Alternative commercial license of SIP-RTMP gateway is $100 per instance and $10000 for unlimited instances (No transfer, no re-sale, no liability, no upgrades, and no support). This license requires contributing back any modifications of source-code to us. Other server side software components have similar licensing cost. While we will help in initial installation for free, we also offer professional support of our open source software components. If you have some other license requirements, e.g., want to modify the SIP/RTMP stack without contributing back, we can definitely work out a solution. Please contact us by email at theintencity@gmail.com with your requirements to get a quote.